Rikke Hansen -
Art images and projects
Rummet i Forandring(textual intervention), 2009
Text distributed at the exhibition Guld og Grønne Skove, Copenhagen.
Shifter, 2005 
Edition of 300 stickers. Distributed at "A Festival of Mapping", London.
Still fromTrailing Our Shadows Behind Us (short film) 2001
Jørn travels around Denmark, photographing the places where his ancestors are buried. Birthe remembers a photo, which she destroyed for personal reasons several years ago.
Still from The Weekend Left Me with the Memory of You (short film) 2000
A child, wanting to grow up, imagines the day-to-day routines of an adult. A grown-up woman re-enacts these expectations whilst narrarting the diary of her earlier self in a deadpan manner.
Still from POP (video) 1999
Pop. Peep. Peepshow. Suddennesss. Framing. The affordances of objects.
Body Snatchers (two-week performance) 1999
One knitted vest bought from Oxfam. Unravelled and re-knitted from memory. Then returned to the shop from which it was initially purchased (second-hand).
High Noon (photo-series) 1999
Asking for the time in Hyde Park.